Microphones & Instruments

AKG : D112, D224E, SE300B, C460B, C535.  

Brauner : Panthera.

Neumann  : 69i, U87.

Shure : Beta  98H/C, 98HD, SM57, SM58, 849, 87C, SLX.  

Audio Technica : ATM350.       

Audix : Micro-D,


Pearl Vision Series 5 pieces

Sornor Designers Series 6 pieces



Steinway and Sons M170 Grand Piano

Yonng Chang Upright

Control Room

Monitor : Dunlavy SC-IV 5.1, Yamaha NS-10m.

Power Amps : Jeff Rowland MC6, Mark Levinson No.29L, Crown d-75.            

Console : Neve 88RS 48Ch.

Converter : Prism Dream ADA-8XR. Apogee PSX-100SE.  

OutBoards : Langevin EQPA-1, Manley ELOP limiter. Neve 8051 Surround Compressor.

Recorders :  Studer D827, A807, Tascam CD-RW2000.

DSP :  Lexicon 480L.  

DAW : Protools  HDX.

Wormhole Mastering

Monitor : Dunlavy SC-IV 5.1 Surrounds System.     

Power Amp : Jeff Rowland MC6.

Comsole : Wormhole Mastering Custome with Manley Backbone.

Outboards ; ADgear PL-32, Massive Passive EQ,  Manley Variable-MU compressor.

Maselec MEA-2 EQ, Maselec MPL2 Peak limiter.

Converters :  Dream ADA-8XR, DCS 900.

DAW : Sonic Studio.